Wiebetech - PATA Adapters - Convert various drive types to a 40-pin IDE/PATA interface - For 2.5in (and some 1.8in) IDE/PATA notebook drives -

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IT-Forensik - DriveDock Products - v4 Combo Adapters

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Perfect Companion for UltraDock v4 - Attach Small Drives Introducing v4 Combo Adapters WiebeTech has revised its popular family of Combo Adapters to work better than ever with the fourth generation of DriveDocks. Each adapter has been completely redesigned to make it sleeker and easier to use. Just attach a v4 Combo Adapter to your UltraDock v4, and access many kinds of drives. New v4 Combo Adapter Features: The new shrouded IDE interface connector helps protect the delicate IDE pins while connecting the adapter to the dock. The IDE interface now faces upward for better accessibility. The adapters now share a smaller, more consistent size. The SATA adapter has been streamlined to 25% its former size! There's also a brand new addition to the family that allows access to 1.8" Hitachi ZIF drives (p/n ADAv4- 1,8 Zoll-HIT-ZIF). UltraDock v4 just got a whole lot better On a calm day a tech may see several bare hard drives. On a busy day forget about using a bulky hard drive enclosure to test and access drives. For this reason computer techs already swear by WiebeTech's UltraDock v4 for standard drives. We heard you asking for an equally painless way to get to data on smaller, less standard drives. WiebeTech's Combo Adapters are the solution. Easy to use, Plug-and-play Working in harmony with UltraDock v4 or Forensic UltraDock v4, Combo Adapters work by plugging into the IDE side of the Dock. The Adapter sled has a connector for the new drive - connecting it is a snap! As with most WiebeTech products, no new drivers are needed for plug-and-play use on any recent operating system and Combo Adapters work on Mac OS, Windows, and work great with backup and forensic imaging software. When used with Forensic UltraDock v4 all data transfer through Combo Adapters is Write-Blocked. Toshiba 1.8 inch drives (the type used in many iPods) Order code: 31000-1099-0000 SATA drives, either 2.5 or 3.5 inch size Order code: 31000-1030-0000 2.5 inch Notebook Drives and Hitachi 1.8 inch drives Order code: 31000-1001-0000 PCCARD drives, as used in PCMCIA slots, and PCMCIA adapters for Compact Flash, Sony Memory Stick, SD, MC Order code: 31000-1093-0000 Hitachi 1.8 inch ZIF drives Order code: 31000-1097-0000 v4 Combo Adapter Kit #1, with 5 adapters (-SATA, - 2,5 Zoll, -MCB, - 1,8 Zoll-TOSH, - 1,8 Zoll-HIT-ZIF) Order code: 31100-0000-0001 v4 Combo Adapter Kit #2, with 5 adapters in a Pelican case (-SATA, - 2,5 Zoll, -MCB, - 1,8 Zoll-TOSH, - 1,8 Zoll-HIT-ZIF) Order code: 31100-0000-0002 1.8 inch Toshiba ZIF drives Order code: 31000-1098-0000 Disk on Module (DOM) drives Order code: 31000-1094-0000 v4 Combo Adapter Kit #4, w/7 adapters (-SATA, - 2,5 Zoll, -MCB, - 1,8 Zoll-TOSH, - 1,8 Zoll-HIT-ZIF, - 1,8 Zoll-TOSH-ZIF, -DOM) Order code: 31100-0000-0004 SATA, PATA, & USB types of mini PCIe Order code: 31000-1091-0000 passendes Zubehör / Kabel: UltraDock v4, FW800/FW400/eSATA/USB, access IDE or SATA drives, US power plug, CoOUSA 31205-2409-0000 UltraDock v4, FW800/FW400/eSATA/USB, access IDE or SATA drives, US power plug, CoOUSA 31205-2409-0000 Cable-53x5: Pack of five Hitachi ZIF cables, Flat Flex 2in x .3MM x .50MM 40POS - - - - - - - - 7380-1001-53 Cable-55x5: Pack of five Toshiba ZIF cables, Flat Flex 2in x .2MM 40POS 7380-1001-55

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