Kanguru - HD Duplicator 5HD Tower (5 Disk Tower HD Duplicator)

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Kanguru HD Duplicator 5HD Tower (5 Disk Tower HD Duplicator)

The KanguruClone 5HD Tower Hard Drive Duplicator is an affordable, easy to use, stand-alone tower hard drive duplicator that can copy up to 5 SATA drives or solid state drives simultaneously.
Advanced Features:
- Multiple Copy Modes: Brief, Disk, Resize
- Fast transfer rates ? up to 6GB/min
- Supports all major file systems
- Supports 3.5? SATA HDDs natively
- Supports 2.5? SATA HDDs up to 9.5mm thickness with adapters
- Supports SATA SSDs with adapters
- Secure Disk Wipe feature meets DOD 5220-22M guidelines
- Tool-free rack design
- Multiple UDMA modes supported
- System counter
- Size and brand independent
- Standalone operation, no computer needed

Product Description
The new, high performance KanguruClone 5HD Tower Hard Drive Duplicator is a high speed, stand-alone SATA hard drive duplicator that can copy up to 5 hard drives or SSDs simultaneously. With ultra-fast copy speeds of up to 6GB/min, the KanguruClone is one of the fastest cloning systems available.

A feature rich LCD makes the duplication process a breeze! Just insert your master hard drive and up to 5 target hard drives, and you will be duplicating within minutes. The duplicator has many advanced features for the IT professional, yet the controls are simple enough that even a novice can begin cloning hard drives within minutes of taking it out of the box.

With multiple copy modes including Brief, Disk, Resize and secure disk wiping capabilities, the KanguruClone 5HD Tower Duplicator is great for IT work, backing up hard drives, data wiping, large PC deployments, drive testing and more! You can even copy a current small capacity drive to a larger capacity drive with all original content intact!