Swissbit - SD-CARD 1GB S-450 EXT

Artikelnummer: SFSD1024L1BM1TO-E-DF-221-STD

SD Card - Micro SD Card / TransFlash

Kategorie: SD-Cards/Mini-SD

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Key features:

- Autonomous Data Care Management
- Industrial or Automotive grade SD Card
- Power Fail protection & Read Disturb Management
- TS16949 certified production line
- Chip On Board design for highest robustness
- Frozen BOM and PCN process
- Mass Customization for dedicated needs

The latest SD Memory cards called S-45 (MLC version) and S-450 (SLC version) series include the same set of sophisticated features and, through the implementation of UHS-I, support data transfer rates of up to 80 MB/s. This read-centric applications that require the highest level of data reliability for long periods of time. The combination of MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND Flash with innovative controller and firmware technology enable prolonged data retention and extended life cycles despite the write endurance limitations of MLC Flash.

The special firmware features in the S-40 include a powerful built-in Error Correction, Read Retry, Autonomous Data Care Management, Life Time Monitoring & diagnostic features, Randomizer, Wear Leveling & Bad Block Management algorithms and intelligent Power Fail Protection.

All Swissbit SD Cards can withstand extreme environmental conditions. They provide the highest level of mechanical stability and enhanced ESD protection. Furthermore, the hard gold SD connectors endure a minimum of 20,000 insertion cycles.