ATTO - Host Adapter - FastFrame - Single Channel x8 PCIe Gen3.0 - 40Gb - Ethernet Low Profile Direct Attach Copper

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Host Adapter - FastFrame

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FastFrame 40GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs)

High performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support

Support multiple uncompressed 4k streams of video and uncompressed 8k video

Industry-leading low power consumption, latency (0.6us via RoCE) and CPU utilization

Direct Attach Copper and Optical Options

ATTO 40GbE NICs combine 40GbE throughput and ultra-low latency to enable high-performance applications such as 4k/8k video streaming and editing in media and entertainment environments, and data center aggregation in IT. RoCEv2 enables
- Easy to phase in 40GbE upgrades from 10GbE
- Backwards compatible with the 10GbE standard and can be used in 10GbE environments
- Offer better CPU utilization and lower power consumption to move more data using less power providing a better total cost of ownership